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Paperback Book Exchange

I joined yesterday!!!   Huzzah!!!

How did I accomplish such a feat?  First, I went through the standard Create-Your-Free-Account webpages.  After creating the account and a small chipmunk sacrifice, PaperbackSwap (PBS) asked that I list 10 books that I am willing to part with.

Oh, the anguish!!  How was I to choose which books to post?  What would the neighbors think, watching me wantonly dispose of books through the mail???

I spent some time sorting through the hundreds of books in our bedroom (and yes, I honest have hundreds on books there, just ask twelveoaks ) I found 10 books covered in dust, but not yet munched on by dust bunnies.   So I entered the ISBNs of these books, first with the wrong number for each, then with the correct number.  (Curse you, light green background color!)

Then I sat back, watched my book credits number go from 0 to 2, and gloated at my audacity.

Four minutes later, four of the books I posted were requested.  By this morning, the total reached seven!!!

Now, I face the task of wrapping all seven books in their printed wrappers, and mailing them out.  Will I prevail?  Or will the clear, mailing tape defeat me? (And yes, I do view clear, mailing tape as my enemy.  We have a history.)

Only time will tell...

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